The Proven Way to Grow Your Giving

So you want to grow your church’s giving? Of course you do. This is something church leaders are working to achieve all the time. You’re dreaming of all the life-changing work your church could accomplish with a fully-funded ministry. And your dreams for reaching your community are glorious and grand. But how do you get […]

3 Things Required for Real Generosity

Giving doesn’t magically happen. It requires work. As believers, we must be intentional about living generously. While pastors and church leaders know this, many of their church attendees do not. People don’t recognize what real generosity requires because churches don’t always prioritize clear and consistent communication on biblical generosity. Giving conversations aren’t woven into weekly […]

5 Ways to Avoid This Year’s Summer Giving Slump

Let’s face it. We’ve all experienced it at some point. You might even be experiencing it right now. The Dreaded Summer Giving Slump.  Granted, this year everything’s a bit different because of Covid-19. Your church doors may still be closed or you may be offering in-person services with social distancing restrictions. Whichever the case may […]

How to Grow Recurring Giving in Your Church

While we know recurring giving is beneficial for the financial stability in your church, you may be wondering, “How do I encourage my church to establish a recurring gift?” First, let’s define “recurring givers”. Recurring givers are donors who give a specific amount that is charged on a regular increment to their bank account, debit, […]

How to Build an Effective Giving Strategy After COVID-19

The people in your church are more comfortable using digital tools now than they ever have been. For the past few months, their connection, not only with your church, but with their friends, communities, and the companies they do business with has relied on an almost completely digital connection. People who previously wouldn’t touch things, […]

1 Overlooked Way to Encourage Giving

There’s a common misconception that work and ministry in the church is limited to Sundays. As you, and anyone who has worked in full-time ministry or actively served in their church knows, that’s far from true. Whether your church doors are still closed due to COVID-19, you’ve begun to re-open, or it’s back to business […]

The Good News In Current Giving Trends

It’s been a tough couple of months so far for churches as we’ve all scrambled to make the best of a trying situation, especially when it comes to church finances. But, no matter how your church’s giving has been impacted, current trends reveal there’s actually some good news. We know, it might sound crazy to […]

Bring Back Offering

A lot of churches have experienced a drop in giving in light of recent events. Sure, there are a number contributing factors. But, as we explored this issue we found one incredibly common problem that’s incredibly easy to fix. Churches across the world have been more creative than ever in the recent weeks. Through live […]

Canceled Services? 6 Ways To Keep Giving Strong

You’re already aware of it. There’s a lot of uncertainty in churches right now concerning the coronavirus. Will our online video stream work? Will our members stay connected? Will our church continue to give even if we can’t meet for weeks, or even months??? You’re hearing a lot of office conversations amongst staff, leading a […]