How to Talk about Money this Holiday Season

We’re in a season of spending. Christmas is quickly approaching and the commercial side of the holiday is in full swing. From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday to Cyber Monday, stores are gearing up for an influx of shoppers looking for that “perfect gift.”  However (at the risk of sounding a little cheesy), that’s […]

5 Messages that Will Fuel Year End Giving

Planning for year-end giving can be hard. But throw in global pandemic and that makes things even harder. Despite the unique pressures that year end giving brings to your church and you as a church leader, it is still a critical time. 30% of all charitable giving happens during this time. It’s an opportunity you […]

3 Reasons Why Churches Should Segment Their Givers

Church leaders don’t often think about segmenting their church’s givers, either due to a simple lack of awareness or a fear of minimizing the individuality of those they shepherd. Instead, they frequently focus on either an annual number or a year-to-date number, often in comparison to the prior year’s giving. While that number and comparison […]

Connecting With High Capacity Givers

There are two groups of givers that often make the most substantial impact in your church – high capacity givers and kingdom builders. These groups understand and embody generosity. But, because they seem to “get it”, they’re often overlooked when it comes to communication and discipleship. However, communicating with your high capacity givers and kingdom […]

How to Re-engage Lapsed Givers

Segmenting your donors into different groups enhances your church communication. But why? Because you’re specifically targeting givers where they are at in their spiritual journey. Your church communication with a first-time giver and a lapsed giver should be different, because they are at different places. Your church communication with a first-time giver and a lapsed […]

How to Nurture Active and Recurring Givers

Active and recurring givers play a huge role in funding the ministry of your church. (We’ll talk about what each of those are in a moment). Even though they may already be consistently giving to your church, you still need to nurture them as they continue their faith and giving journey. So let’s dive into […]

How to Follow Up With A First-Time Giver

Communication is key. This is pretty much a rule for anything and everything.  Communication is the foundation to relationships and friendships. It’s important when passing down family recipes or when assigning a new project at school or discussing a new business strategy at work.  And likewise, communication is vital to your church’s giving.  As a […]

The Perfect Giving Page

How can you create a giving page on your church website that actually encourages and increases giving? Almost every church has a giving web page. Yet, there are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the giving page on your church’s website. Maybe you’ve thought, “if people want to give they’ll find the […]

How To Test Giving Communication in Your Church

No matter how well you think your communication is, it’s always good to put it to the test so you can see exactly how much your donors are grasping. And, the good news is there’s a simple way to do this. Using the Five W’s of basic problem solving (who, what, where, when, and why), […]

The 2 Most Important Things to Communicate About Giving

The first step to getting people in your church to give is to communicate with them.  Churches over estimate how much their attendees actually know. They often assume their people know how to give. And, they often assume attendees know why they should give. But, most of the time your congregation doesn’t have all the […]

How to communicate with givers

Creating content to share with your givers can be overwhelming. But it’s an important thing to do. Consistent content and communication will not only engage your donors but also encourage consistent giving within your church. We’ve developed an easy system for you using 4 basic elements: Thank, Educate & Empower, Disciple, and Inspire. Whether sending […]