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How to Follow Up With A First-Time Giver

Communication is key. This is pretty much a rule for anything and everything.  Communication is the foundation to relationships and friendships. It’s important when passing down family recipes or when assigning a new project at school or discussing a new business strategy at work.  And likewise, communication is vital to your church’s giving.  As a...

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How to Build an Effective Giving Strategy After COVID-19

The people in your church are more comfortable using digital tools now than they ever have been. For the past few months, their connection, not only with your church, but…

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7 SecureGive Features You’re Probably Underutilizing

Are you making the most out of your digital giving?  Whether Covid-19 recently introduced you to online giving or you’ve had it for a while, you’ve probably come to realize…

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How to communicate with givers

Creating content to share with your givers can be overwhelming. But it’s an important thing to do. Consistent content and communication will not only engage your donors but also encourage…

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1 Overlooked Way to Encourage Giving

There’s a common misconception that work and ministry in the church is limited to Sundays. As you, and anyone who has worked in full-time ministry or actively served in their…

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The Good News In Current Giving Trends

It’s been a tough couple of months so far for churches as we’ve all scrambled to make the best of a trying situation, especially when it comes to church finances….

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Dread Talking About Giving? Here’s 3 Ways to Overcome It

Do you find yourself avoiding the “giving conversation?” Many church leaders do, and it’s understandable. When it comes to your hesitation to address generosity, fear is likely at the root….

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Bring Back Offering

A lot of churches have experienced a drop in giving in light of recent events. Sure, there are a number contributing factors. But, as we explored this issue we found…

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The Paycheck Protection Program – What Do Churches Need to Know?

Is the government really giving free grants to churches? The Paycheck Protection Program, or Payroll Protection Loans have been a hot topic of conversation over the last couple weeks. If…

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Canceled Services? 6 Ways To Keep Giving Strong

You’re already aware of it. There’s a lot of uncertainty in churches right now concerning the coronavirus. Will our online video stream work? Will our members stay connected? Will our…

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How to Promote Tithing Creatively

I am twelve years old. My mom is sitting to my right and there’s a stranger to my left that has a beard you’d typically find on Santa Clause. He…

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Challenging a Generation to be Generous

Growing up, I don’t ever remember a moment where my parents didn’t take the opportunity to bless someone when they could. I’ve watched them give away cars, buy groceries for…

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What I Wish Every Church Leader Knew About Stewardship

I grew up in church, and my family rarely missed a Sunday. I don’t remember a single sermon, but I do remember my nervousness over the word “stewardship.”  Every September…

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