This Easter: Capture Every Opportunity for Generosity

With Easter Weekend just 4 weeks away, you’re likely spending hours planning for services that will mark the highest attendance of the year. This means that you have a unique and powerful opportunity to share the love of Christ and His sacrifice for us in new and fresh ways. It also means that you have the unique ability to quickly connect […]

The Fastest Giving Technology Is Here.

Seconds Matter.  The time it takes to give means everything in today’s culture. Text To Give empowers donors to give in less than ten seconds. This revolutionary new system from SecureGive has the ability to increase generosity across your ministry in what has fast become the world’s favorite means of communication. Never an addition to […]

Limiting Generosity

SecureGive wants to make giving easy. Recently, I spent the weekend in Atlanta and visited a new church. It’s a great church , and I make a point to visit every time I’m in the area. We had an offering talk that day in which one of the pastors talked about the two fish & […]

Spur Your Church to Action!

The trend these days is to do life online – order food, medicine, pay bills, groceries, products, get directions, watch TV shows and movies – you can do just about anything over the internet! Why not raise money for your next project for your organization via the internet? Introducing the Campaign Module at SecureGive…. This […]

The Rewards Far Out Weigh the Cost

Are you still on the fence about implementing SecureGive in your church or organization? Here is a note that we received from one of our existing clients that we thought would be good to share. Read below to see how much SecureGive helped out Lifepoint Church in Wilmington, NC. “I have been part of Lifepoint Church since our launch date […]

Other Ways to Utilize SecureGive

SecureGive continues to add features to our Kiosk, Mobile, and Online Giving programs to further connect your organization to its faithful members and donors.  SecureGive is now a multi-functional application that makes giving and getting involved within your ministry exciting and easy!  Here are some of the ways that you can utilize SecureGive: I. Group […]

Why Your Church Should Have Giving Kiosks!

by: Casey Graham(Pulled from Casey Graham’s blog – The same reason I will not eat at a restaurant unless they take check cards or credit cards! GET RELEVANT!2. People don’t carry a lot of cash anymore3. MOST places will not accept a personal check in the real world! People carrying check books are limited4. […]

Steps to Ensure SecureGive Success!

  Over the next few weeks, we are going to take a look at how different churches across the country have successfully promoted their SecureGive kiosks. This may include signage, printed materials, blog announcements, the use of video, and announcement from the web-site. As always, we appreciate your insight. So, if you would like to […]