Technology is playing a vital role in how we practice and express our faith. We see it with giving, but also in church apps. By providing resources and opportunities to engage with your church, they serve as powerful tools for deepening faith and fostering a sense of community. 

But the success of a church app doesn’t just lie in its design or the number of features it has. It’s whether or not your congregation actually uses it. An app without users fails to fulfill its purpose, no matter how well-designed or feature-heavy it may be. 

So, how do you promote your new church app effectively to make sure your congregation embraces it? Here are five proven strategies.

1. In-Service Announcements

There’s no better place to introduce your church app than where your congregation gathers most – in Sunday service. Make an announcement at the start or end of the service. Be confident and clear. This is your moment to explain why this app is important and will be helpful to your church. 

Make sure to highlight how the church app will benefit the congregation. It will make accessing church resources more convenient, provide a platform for prayer requests and testimonies, and make giving simple. Emphasize these benefits in a way that resonates with your congregation’s needs and experiences.

Finally, reassure your congregation about the ease of use of the app. Even In today’s digital age, not everyone may be tech-savvy. Assure them that the app is user-friendly, with an intuitive design that makes navigation simple. You might even consider having a short demonstration or a help desk set up after the service to help those who might have difficulty getting started.

2. Visual Slides in Your Church

Visuals are powerful tools for conveying messages. Use slides in your lobby or sanctuary to promote the app. They could include screenshots of the app, testimonials from early users, or a simple call to action like “Download Our Church App Today!” Include a QR code so people can quickly access it. 

Make sure these slides are visible before and after services, and during any breaks. The more your congregation sees them, the more likely they are to download the app.

3. Social Media Promotion

Leverage the power of social media to reach members of your congregation who are active online. Post about your new church app on your church’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Include direct links to download the app and compelling visuals that showcase its features.

Remember, social media thrives on engagement. Encourage your congregation to share these posts, and respond to any comments or questions promptly.

4. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be an effective way to reach your congregation directly. Include a section about the app in your regular newsletters, highlighting its features like service streaming, event sign-ups, and in-app giving. Be sure to have a clear call to action encouraging recipients to download it.

Consider sending dedicated emails about the app too. These could include testimonials from congregation members who are finding the app useful or a FAQ section addressing common queries or concerns.

5. Include the App in Your Church’s Routine

Another effective strategy is to embed the use of the app into the daily or weekly routines of your church. For instance, you could start sharing weekly sermon notes on the app or use it to collect prayer requests. The more the app becomes part of your congregation’s experience of church, the more likely they are to download and use it throughout the week.


Remember, repetition is key. Make these announcements regularly until your congregation is familiar with the app. Keep exploring new ways to showcase the benefits of your app, and don’t be disappointed if adoption rates are slower than you’d like. 

Your goal is not just to introduce a new tool, but to enhance the spiritual journey of your congregation. With consistent effort and clear communication, you can make your church app a valuable part of your church community.